Self-Esteem Issues?

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What is self-esteem?

Self-Esteem is how you feel about yourself. How do you feel about your abilities and limitations?  Is your inner voice positive?  Is it encouraging, or do you find negativity in the tone of your inner voice?  When you have healthy selfesteem, you feel good about yourself and see yourself as deserving the respect of others. When you have low selfesteem, you put little value on your opinions and ideas.

Without self-esteem you may find you are overly sensitive to criticism. You may find your inner voice puts you in a bad mood with extreme criticism. Are you preoccupied with your flaws? Do you withdraw from others or find jealousy consumes your thoughts? Low self-esteem can manifest itself in many dangerous forms from depression to a lack of interest in life and activities.

Dr. Michael Dadson (Mike Dadson)

How can self-esteem counselling help me?

Dr. Michael Dadson will focus on the development of your self-esteem.  Low self-esteem can negatively impact every aspect of your life, from relationships, to your job and even your physical health. Michael Dadson will help boost your self-esteem with a variety of mental health counselling approaches.

What experience and training does Dr. Dadson have in dealing with self-esteem issues?

Dr. Michael Dadson always seeks to respect each person’s uniqueness, understanding that each of us are different, and heal in different ways. For more information about the development of self-esteem, contact Dr. Mike Dadson.

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Types of Counselling Available


One-on-one options for individuals needing help in overcoming issues or maintaining optimal mental health in their lives' daily challenges.


Couples counselling can be challenging, but the positive impact on your relationship, potential family members, and other external relationships in your life make it worth the effort.


Father and child or entire family counselling can provide your family with the tools, language, and behaviour to successfully communicate and overcome obstacles.

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