How is a typical man's approach to mental health unique?

Men’s mental health issues have largely been ignored or gone unrecognized until recently.

Dr. Michael Dadson (Mike Dadson)

Dr. Michael Dadson (Mike Dadson) has focused his research in the area of men’s mental health and men’s issues from the beginning of his career more than 30 years ago. To review Dr. Mike Dadson’s extensive writings and findings in “The stories of our fathers : men’s recovery from intergenerational wounds” click here.

According to McKenzie, men prefer social connections as a source of support; they have fewer social interactions, social connections, support exchanges with their friends and family.

”Men’s mental health issues have largely been ignored or gone unrecognized until recently,” Dr. Dadson acknowledges. The changes in psychology have enabled discoveries between men and women in areas of male emotion, relationship dynamics, and the behaviour and other issues associated with in men’s mental health.

Dr. Michael Dadson recognizes, “When men ask for help, it is far too often perceived as shameful or a sign of weakness.” Dr. Dadson’s counselling for men is designed to allow men to vocally express and understand their feelings and problems, during individual counselling, couples counselling, or group therapy settings.

“It takes courage to reach out for help and seek counseling,” Dr. Mike Dadson recognizes, and encourages men who are struggling to be happy, are at a crossroads in their relationships, or are experiencing stress and want answers, to contact him.


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Types of Counselling Available


One-on-one options for individuals needing help in overcoming issues or maintaining optimal mental health in their lives' daily challenges.


Couples counselling can be challenging, but the positive impact on your relationship, potential family members, and other external relationships in your life make it worth the effort.


Father and child or entire family counselling can provide your family with the tools, language, and behaviour to successfully communicate and overcome obstacles.

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