Social contexts and individual differences which support satisfaction of the basic needs facilitate natural growth processes, including intrinsically motivated behaviour and integration of extrinsic motivations, whereas those which forestall autonomy, competence, or relatedness are associated with poorer motivation, performance, and well-being. We also discuss the relation of the psychological needs to cultural values, evolutionary processes, and other contemporary motivation theories.

Dr. Michael Dadson

Self-determination theory (SDT) maintains that an understanding of human motivation requires a consideration of innate psychological needs for competence, autonomy, and relatedness. 

What is the Definition of Self Determination Theory?

We discuss the SDT concept of needs as it relates to previous need theories, emphasizing that needs specify the necessary conditions for psychological growth, integrity, and well-being. This concept of needs leads to the hypotheses that different regulatory processes underlying goal pursuits are differentially associated with effective functioning and well-being, and also that different goal contents have different relations to the quality of behaviour and mental health, specifically because different regulatory processes and different goal contents are associated with differing degrees of need satisfaction. 


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Impact of self-determination theory in a physiotherapeutic training

Johanna Strempfl et al., (2021) | The Central European Journal of Medicine | doi: 10.1007/s00508-021-01849-4

Dr. Michael Dadson

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