What experience and training does Dr. Dadson have in parenting and teaching adjustment issues?

Dr. Dadson has specialized training in parenting, not only because if his practical work as a foster parent for over 30 years, but because he directed his research in his Ph.D. and his M.A. in Counselling Psychology towards understanding fatherhood, trauma and recovery. He is currently writing a book about the process of men’s recovery from traumatic injuries incurred from their fathers.

What to do when you feel you have lost control of your teen?

It is often difficult for parents to keep pace with the evolving culture and the increased need for healthy communication skills, especially in children. In today’s culture, Dr. Mike Dadson understands that many parents work full-time and there is less time to engaged with their children as a result. At the same time, other parents others are over-involved. If your child is depressed, overly anxious, acting out, violent, breaking the law or overly rebellious, and you feel like you have lost control, Dr. Dadson believes, “It is time to consider counselling.”

When adjustment issues present, it can affect problems at home, at school, and in social relationships.

Dr. Michael Dadson (Mike Dadson) relates

How does Dr. Dadson assist parents and teens alike that positively impact their relationship?

Dr. Mike Dadson provides a professional, yet safe and nurturing, environment for your child or teen to explore their issues and to help get them back on track. If you are looking for a registered clinical counsellor (RCC) who offers youth counselling to address your child’s teen adjustment issues, counselling with Dr. Dadson can help. Identifying what the underlying issues may be, coupled with acquiring new coping skills, can have a positive influence on the life your child or teen.


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Dr. Michael Dadson

Types of Counselling Available


One-on-one options for individuals needing help in overcoming issues or maintaining optimal mental health in their lives' daily challenges.


Couples counselling can be challenging, but the positive impact on your relationship, potential family members, and other external relationships in your life make it worth the effort.


Father and child or entire family counselling can provide your family with the tools, language, and behaviour to successfully communicate and overcome obstacles.

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