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The Men’s Life Review Group

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Change is Possible!
Join our team of men to review the significant life experiences that have shaped how we see ourselves as men, who we are as sons and/or as fathers. Criteria for involvement includes the ability to give and receive support as a part of a team, to maintain privacy, and to help the group to accomplish its goals. Additional rules of engagement will be developed within the group itself.

As a group, we aim to find, explore and work together to overcome the barriers that keep us from experiencing growth as men. We plan to leverage this intensive weekend of change to reach for more of our potential as individuals.

Phone: 778-554-0174

On location at the Gentle Currents clinic group room. Cost is $1,500.00 for with 20 hours of approved counselling from Blue Cross


How can Dr. Michael Dadson help men in Langley with their mental health?

At key junctures in our life’s journey, we are confronted with painful experiences that can create the urgent need for change.  Dr. Michael Dadson (Mike Dadson) has had substantial experience dealing with men’s mental health issues throughout his career. Dr. Mike Dadson draws from a wide variety of clinically successful approaches, the life experience gained by a diverse and enriching career path with more than 30 years of professional counseling,  being a father of 5, and a specialised foster parent for more than 20 years.

How does Dr. Dadson approach mental health?

During your counselling sessions, Dr. Michael Dadson (Mike Dadson) will draw on a wide variety of therapeutic approaches to address men’s mental health issues. Dr. Mike Dadson will work together with you to develop a counselling plan that will address your issues, provide resiliency skills to help you learn coping mechanisms to deal with your challenges and existing struggles. Dr. Mike Dadson remains committed to helping his clients experience positive growth through counselling, providing hope and optimism surrounding the adjustments you need to make to attain contentment and well-being in your life.

How to develop skills, mechanisms to overcome mental health challenges?

As a conference presenter at the University of Laval’s “Future Perspectives on Intervention Policy and Research on Men and Masculinities,” Dr. Mike Dadson presented his works on The Themes of Father/Child Closeness, outlining the meaning and significance of fatherly relationships, the meaning children experience, and how that shapes core perceptions of adults and their identities.

Dr. Mike Dadson is committed to developing a realistic plan that will foster skills-development and coping mechanisms to manage and overcome the challenges in your life.


Dr. Mike Dadson AGE and COUNSELLING

7 Links to increase your awareness about mental health specific to the male gender role.

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Men and Mental Health

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Dr. Michael Dadson

Types of Counselling Available


One-on-one options for individuals needing help in overcoming issues or maintaining optimal mental health in their lives' daily challenges.


Couples counselling can be challenging, but the positive impact on your relationship, potential family members, and other external relationships in your life make it worth the effort.


Father and child or entire family counselling can provide your family with the tools, language, and behaviour to successfully communicate and overcome obstacles.

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