Dr. Michael Dadson, PhD, talks about couples, and the best way to get to the bottom of almost any issue.

My experience with couples is that, often, couples care deeply about one another and they want the relationship to work, but often there is a gap or failure in the communication process where there are things that aren’t spoken that need to be spoken.

I like to sit back, listen to both sides, and see that the conflict between them is the real issue, that there isn’t a bad guy in the room. If we can find and address that conflict between them and facilitate true communication, couples are often surprised that their partner isn’t as far away from them as they thought they were.

One of the things I’ve found is that couples will often seek out my services because I have my specialization in working with men. I love to help women understand how men can process emotions differently from them because, in a lot of cultures, men are socially trained to emote differently.

When that happens, I find that couples can more naturally find authentic connection, and the guys don’t have to feel shame or embarrassed about entering into therapy.

If you have any questions or think you might be in a troubled relationship, from couples to families and siblings, get in touch.

I’ll always be here for you.

Dr. Michael Dadson, PhD Counselling Psychology, out of my clinic in Langley, BC.

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