Dr. Michael Dadson, PhD addresses depression and anxiety in females and males.

Depression and anxiety are two of the most common mood disorders. In a way, they’re like two sides of the same coin. The issues underlying anxiety and depression are quite similar, and there are four things that can be at the core of this anxiety.

The 4 main causes of anxiety and depression are:

1. The belief that one’s worth or value isn’t high, maybe even worthless. In addition to belief, the way one thinks about themselves can contribute to a sense of low self-worth. Less addressed, the actual feeling of worthlessness, or feeling of sadness, or even the feeling of self-hatred, could be one of the driving points of depression or anxiety in a person. So in therapy, we want to address both your beliefs, thoughts, and feelings.

2. There are also relationship conflicts – whether it’s couples, children, siblings, or even friends and in the workplace. Not being able to manage your day-to-day relationships can be a fundamental source of anxiety and depression.

3. Unresolved grief or failing to say goodbye, or unfinished business in a past relationship can also evoke those feelings where there’s anxiety of avoidance – of going to the pain of the past – or a feeling of collapse and depression, which is sometimes a anger at oneself and is a way of distracting ourselves from the grief that hasn’t been resolved in the past.

4. Anxiety and depression can also have a physiological basis. When medication is an option, more and more doctors are recognizing that counseling can benefit people in managing their depression, even if the root cause is physiological.

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