Dr. Michael Dadson, PhD addresses male depression and trauma. There are several ways in which men can respond to both psychological stress and therapy differently from women.

Michael Dadson notes that one of the most fundamental differences between men and women is that women are often socialized where vulnerability and emotional connection can be normalized. For men, however, emotional vulnerability has often be shamed in the past. “Boys don’t cry.” “If you’re a real man you won’t cry.” “You cry like a girl.” “If you’re a real man, you won’t be afraid, you’ll always be independent, you’ll always be able to manage on your own.”

The nature of trauma makes a person feels vulnerable, helpless, powerless, and terrified. And this is where you, as a man, are faced with the paradox of having an experience that contradicts what you have been told it means to be a man.

This is yet another kind of injury that needs to be addressed carefully in therapy, so that a man doesn’t feel trauma by what he’s experienced. Our counsellors at Gentle Currents make sure that you feel as safe, comfortable, and heard as possible, helping guide you to the path to being yourself.

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Dr. Michael Dadson, PhD Counselling Psychology, out of my clinic in Langley, BC.

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